Jul 272014

UMS logoGonna try to keep this one short and sweet–I have a gig myself this morning, and still have to get down to the Underground Music Showcase for Day 4 after that.  Meanwhile, while exhausted, I’m still enjoying 2014s version of the UMS, just like I do every year.

Yesterday for me was a combination of catching some great acts I hadn’t seen before, and catching up with a few of my favorites. Among the ones I heard for the first time:

Sarah and the Meanies–a great pop/rock vibe with a bit of soul thrown in.
Pull the Alarm–my friend Nick has been trying for months to get me to catch his new band. Finally got the opportunity. Wasn’t disappointed. Solid, heavy rock, well-played.
Idlewhile–This Longmont-based act offers an eclectic twist on Americana that makes them both interesting and enjoyable–and they don’t limit themselves either. (I think even heard something akin to Tejano in there.)  Only unfortunate thing about their set at SoBo Church was that there weren’t more people there to hear them.
Wiredogs–Holy crap. That’s all.
Lara Ruggles–Another friend in the scene that I’ve known for awhile, but our paths never crossed for me to see her perform live.  An awesome songwriter with a great voice. Glad I caught her this time.
The Griswolds–I didn’t know who these guys were–I didn’t know they weren’t local (they’re from Australia)–I just saw a bunch of buzz on the Twitters and dropped by to see what everyone was going so nuts about.  Seeing them play 3 Kings Tavern, I had a feeling I was witnessing history, because it’s pretty obvious these guys won’t be playing intimate venues much longer.  Watch this band. Seriously.

As the day progressed, I also had the chance to catch a few of my ongoing favorites.  Megan Burtt drew a healthy crowd to the Irish Rover for her set with a full band–which, by the way, ought to become a thing.  These guys were, as we say in the “biz” when they’ve got a solid groove, “hitting the pocket.” Jen Korte’s Dirty Femmes performed in a warehouse setting (perfect fit for ’em), and they killed it as always. And Dan Craig and Jessica Sonner (Craig) basically took up residency at SoBo Church for multiple sets in various incarnations (Dan solo, Jess solo, and later the two of them as Oh, Starling)–and I managed to catch at least part of each set, ’cause I’m just loyal that way.

So…one more day to go.  Here are some promising picks for the last day of UMS (NOT a comprehensive list):

In the Whale (Hi-Dive, 3pm-Reverb Day Party)
My Body Sings Electric (Hi-Dive, 4pm-Reverb Day Party)
Petals of Spain (The Hornet, 4pm)
Wire Faces (3 Kings Tavern, 6pm)
Land Lines (Irish Rover, 6pm)
Vices I Admire (Illegal Pete’s, 6pm)
Ivory Circle (SoBo Church, 6pm)*
*yes, there are lots of great acts at 6pm…I have no idea where I’ll end up
Red Fox Run (Illegal Pete’s, 7pm)
Poet’s Row (SoBo Church, 7pm)
Wiredogs (3 Kings Tavern, 8pm)
Edison (Moe’s BBQ, 8pm)
Instant Empire (Blue Ice, 9pm)
The Parlor Pickers (Gary Lee’s, 10pm)
John Common Superheart (Irish Rover, 11pm)

So, okay–not so short and sweet. Enjoy the last day of UMS 2014!


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