Jun 232010

So as if I didn’t have enough to keep me busy…I’m doing a bit of a game. :)

I’m a fan of local music, and I have several local bands and artists on my ipod.  When I’m out walking or doing whatever, I often put my ipod on shuffle, and I love it when a local band comes up.  So I’ve decided to tweet about it when it happens. :)

So here’s how it works. You’ll notice that I have put a Twitter feed widget on the sidebar of this blog.  You may also notice one or more entries there that begin with “LOCALS ON SHUFFLE:…”  (‘cuz I’m already doing this).  That’s what it will look like.  Every time a local band or artist comes up in shuffle mode, I will tweet a “LOCALS ON SHUFFLE” alert, and it will show up on the sidebar.  (If you follow me on Twitter and Facebook, it will show up there, too–as well as on my other music blog, The Developing Artist.)

So local Denver musicians, if you want some shout-outs in my Twitter feed, send me your music!  I don’t care if I fill up my ipod with local stuff–the more the better.  I’ll even review some of your stuff here, plus I’ll try and do a weekly blog post recap of the Locals that showed up on shuffle that week.  Just click the “Submissions” tab at the top right of this blog page to find out how/where to send your stuff.

BTW…I’ll be doing a similar thing for indie musicians outside the Denver area, because I have some of your stuff, too.  When non-local indie bands come up on shuffle, the tweet will start with “INDIES ON MY IPOD.” (Clever, huh?)

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