Apr 162010

I wrote about these guys yesterday on Examiner.com, but I wanted to give ’em a shout out here as well.  OK Go is widely remembered as the band who did the Treadmill Video for their song “Here It Goes Again”, but then they did it again with the vid below.

I didn’t know exactly what to expect when I saw their live show, and I know people might think the YouTube vids are gimmicky, but…when you can put out stuff that makes people go, “How did they DO that??” I figure these guys must be pretty creative.  And that’s what I like about OK Go: they’re creative, and entertaining, even in live performance. Not only are they great musicians, but the whole night you didn’t know what was coming next.  Quirky? Yes.  Gimmicky? Perhaps.

Fun?  You bet.  They make the music fun.

Another interesting tidbit about OK Go is that after starting indie, they are now indie again. They’ve left their label EMI to start their own company.

Yeah, you prolly have seen this before. Humor me.

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