Oct 052010
Laura Brehm

Singer/songwriter Laura Brehm. (Photo: Parker Rice)

For a young singer/songwriter barely 20 years old, Denver local artist Laura Brehm is already somewhat of a veteran in the indie music field.  With two full-length recordings already to her credit, Brehm has been playing the Denver local music scene for nearly four years now.  Growing up in a musical family, she says she knew by age six that she wanted to be a musician, but didn’t really “go public” until age 16 when some friends encouraged her to record some songs she’d written. Her latest CD, Dreams, came out this summer.

Besides playing at this summer’s Underground Music Showcase, a personal high point for Brehm came when she landed the opening slot for the Heart concert at Denver’s Paramount Theater in August. “I’m not exactly sure how that happened, but I’m glad it did,”  says Brehm, smiling.

Her booking agent tells her that he was approached with a request from Heart for an acoustic opening set by a local songwriter, and that Heart personally selected Brehm out of a number of artists whose demos the booking agent sent them.  Although Brehm’s acoustic pop style is dramatically different from Heart, she grabbed the attention of the crowd with the first song and quickly won them over.

With Brehm’s permission, I’ve included a couple of the songs from her latest release below.  Both her albums are available on iTunes. See what you think.

Laura Brehm: “Fall In Love”

Laura Brehm: “The Sunrise”