Feb 202012

One of the things I love about music blogging is when I come across “hidden treasures”–bands with a unique vibe and memorable sound that not many people know about–but should. In my view, Brooklyn-based Palomino is one of those bands.

Citing influences from late 70’s/early 80’s post-punk, this 3-piece band has a raw, sparse sound that will actually appeal to a variety of listeners. In the video below (the song “Ponte Vecchio”), I definitely hear the punk elements, but also a bit of alt-country, early alternative, and just plain rock. But most of all (and this is the main reason why I like ’em)–I hear a great song. Catchy, stick-in-your-head music. Lead vocalist/guitarist Elijah Campbell’s unpolished voice reminds me quite a bit of Michael Roe of the 77’s (extra credit if you know who I’m talking about).

I get plenty of submissions from bands who don’t have a huge following, and to be completely honest, when I listen to their music, I understand why. In this case, I’m baffled. Listening to this stuff, I do not understand why more people don’t know about Palomino yet–and I definitely hope a lot more people will.

Palomino just released an EP (simply called The Palomino EP), which can be streamed at their Bandcamp site. If you dig “Ponte Vecchio,” as I do, they’re currently offering that tune as a free download.


May 012011

So I just got a listen to Diamonds & Gold, the new EP from Ft. Collins-based post-punk band Wire Faces released in March. I must say I’m surprised that they haven’t shown up on my radar before now. (Not that I’m omniscient or anything…)

Let’s just say it takes a little innovation for a three-piece band to fill the sonic space the way these guys do–they make drums, bass and guitar go a long way, both in musicianship and energy, giving off the pleasant illusion that you’re listening to a bigger band, when actually you’re hearing three guys playing the heck out of three instruments.

As to musical style–to me, Wire Faces has a neo-retro vibe vaguely reminiscent of The Killers, except more guitar driven (i.e., no synth), and a lot less tame. Vocalist/drummer Shane Zweygart, who handles most of the vocal work, frequently lets his voice fly passionately into pitchy territory, but does so in such a way that is actually quite satisfying.

Take a listen to the track “Tame You” from the new EP, and watch the video below from Wire Faces’ first record. See what you think.

Wire Faces: “Tame You”

Download Diamonds & Gold:

Diamonds & Gold - EP - Wire Faces