Apr 242011

Brand new on the radar…to the sound of (not so) much fanfare…comes Denver acoustic indie-folk band the whicker and pine.

(Doesn’t ANYONE use upper case anymore?)

Anyhow, just getting started, these guys already show some musical maturity on their debut self-titled EP (which you can download for free from here).  They have a laid-back sound that’s just perfect for a cloudy Sunday morning while enjoying a cup of coffee (which is precisely why–and when–I’m writing this blog post now).

In a recent post on the band’s blog, one of the band mates half-jokingly described their sound as “Indie Folk Melancholipop.”  But that really fits the vibe of the record. It’s just enough “indie” and “alt” to get your attention, but just enough “pop” to make it accessible. Plus, anyone who can come up with a genre name that rhymes with “lollipop” has to have something on the ball.

New bands always have room to grow, and that’s certainly the case here. But the whicker and pine has is already quite easy on the ears, and it will be interesting to see how their sound develops.  Meanwhile, take a listen to the opening track of their EP below, and if you like what you hear–go here to get the rest of it.

the whicker and pine: “stay awake”

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  1. This is a new way to describe the sound “Indie Folk Melancholipop” of the band! And I bet this sounds awesome too. Thank EP was great! :)

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