Aug 152011

I know it’s probably stupid, but sometimes I feel a bit of apprehension in reviewing a solo artist posing as a band. I dunno, maybe I feel like it’s cheating if one guy played all the instruments on the record–because how the heck is he gonna play all of them LIVE?

And why can’t the guy get a band in the first place?

But the fact is, you can’t argue with talent. And besides, you shouldn’t judge. (After all, maybe someday I’ll be a solo artist with a pretend band name, and how would I like it?) Tongue out of cheek, the fact is, when I took a listen to The Sister Ruby Band (a.k.a., Johnny Ruby), I was honestly impressed. The debut CD In Cold Blood (which drops tomorrow) presents an interesting blend of psychedelic rock and shoegaze, resulting in a buzzy-retro kind of sound. I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s got that sort of indescribable “oomph” that this blog is all about. ┬áIt’s more than the sum of its parts. Johnny done good.

I’m sorry. Sister Ruby. Sister Ruby done good.

That’s pretty much all I can say about it. The music sort of speaks for itself. Take a listen and see what you think.

The Sister Ruby Band “Straight Into Your Heart”

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